Trusst Technology, It's A Science

Each detail is meticulously engineered to create the most comfortable, supportive bra you've ever experienced.

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Say goodbye to discomforts and hello to the support you deserve

Shoulder dents icon

Say goodbye to shoulder dents

Wider straps icon

Wider straps reduce pressure to prevent dents

Poking wires icon

No more poking wires

Underwire icon

Eliminating rigid underwire prevents discomfort

Magnet icon

Resistance from gravitational pull

Breast weight icon

Patented technology redistributes breast weight

Moisture icon

Wicks away moisture

Antimicrobial fabric icon

Antimicrobial fabric to keep you dry

Back strain icon

Eliminate back strain

Structure lift icon

Structure lifts 80% of breast weight from underneath

Chafing icon

Forget about rashes & chafing

Fabric icon

High tech fabric reduces skin irritation

Revolutionary Support Technology

We worked with hundreds of women to develop our patented technology. Using 3D printing techniques, physics and advanced materials, we created the Breast Advanced Support Technology (BAST™), based on the engineering principles of a bridge truss. Our bras use the core of your body to lift your breast weight from underneath the bust, reducing strain on the shoulders and back.
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