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We believe you deserve a bra that actually supports you.

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When it comes to bras, the plus size woman has had to deal with a range of issues: shoulder dents, boob sweat, back pain and poking wires have been a fact of life. That's because an underwire is simply scaled up (imagine, just a larger “U”) vs. something re-designed to actually work with YOUR body's needs.

Your Trusst bra is the result of years of research, consumer feedback, advanced engineering, and technical design. That’s because we believe that your bra shouldn’t just be the right size, but that it should actually support you where you need it most. So go ahead - put on a Trusst bra and finally take a weight off your shoulders.



Finally!! I'm a 40F. Honestly, this is the most comfortable bra I've had in 20 years.

No more back pain.

It made me realize just how uncomfortable all my other bras - even the really good ones - actually are.

Does magic for my profile.

This is an engineering marvel. Thank you! Thank you!

The Holy Grail

Sophia Berman


Founding Trusst was based off of a need by so many women I know. With every conversation, I kept hearing over and over that she was searching for a bra that would actually work for her body. A bra that would provide support for her heavy breasts so that she could stop feeling the pain points that even a well-fitting “traditional” bra causes.

With a background in industrial design and a passion for solving problems, I pulled inspiration from bridge construction and developed Trusst’s patented bra support technology - a 3D system that actually works FOR your body and its curves, not against it. I was on a mission to cater to an underserved part of the market who truly needed attention. I launched Trusst’s first collection in 2016, and as we continue to grow, each product that we create is purposefully designed based off of customer feedback.

I am inspired every day by the women who live the Trusst brand - from the team I work alongside to our new Board of Trusstees and most importantly, our customers. Your excitement and passion for the brand and the benefits you feel when wearing a Trusst bra are contagious. I encourage each of you to share your #becauseoftrusst story!

All the best,
Founder, Trusst Brands
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