Q: What’s different about Trusst bras?
A: In a word, everything. Our revolutionary bras use an entirely new and patented technology designed to support over 80% of breast weight from underneath taking the strain off your back and shoulders. Each bra is lined in anti-microbial and wicking fabric cutting down on boob sweat to keep you fresh and dry all day. Trusst’s foundation in science means that we live and breathe weight distribution, stress points, and high-tech materials. No more poking wires, shoulder dents, back pain, or boob sweat.

Q: How does the ‘Find My Fit’ calculator work?
A: Our Fit Calculator uses your bust and band measurements to calculate your approximate bra size. Your band measurement will always be the actual measurement you took under your bust…if it’s not exact, it will be sized up. For example: If you measure 34.5, your band size will be a 36. For the cup size, it takes the difference (in inches) between your bust and band size to figure out the volume for the cup. If your size varies a lot of your usual size, please reach out to support@trusstbrands.com for more information and to speak to a fit expert.

Q: You don’t make my size. Will you ever expand your sizes?
A: We are an emerging brand so while we don't carry your size right now, we may expand our sizing in the future. We share all sizing requests with our Innovation Team so that we have as much information as possible when planning new styles and size offerings.

Q: Do you offer free returns?
A: Yes. All domestic U.S. customers can print out a FREE return shipping label after filling out our returns form. For more information about returns, see our returns page: https://www.trusstbrands.com/pages/returns-1

Q: How much is shipping?
A: Shipping is FREE for domestic U.S. orders over $100. For orders under $100, you will pay a flat rate fee of $5.00 for standard shipping. All other options will be calculated at checkout.

Q: Do you have a retail store?
A: No. Our office is located in Pittsburgh, PA and also serves as a showroom. We love taking fitting appointments at the showroom for customers who want to try on our revolutionary bras. To make an appointment, email support@trusstbrands.com.