Trusst Lingerie Panties: Comfort All Day Long

Just what are we looking for when we seek “comfortable” panties? After all, they’re meant to serve a purpose, so as long as you’re covered, it shouldn’t matter, right?


Think about those times when you’ve made the mistake of donning the wrong panties in the morning. A morning on the day you have a full, busy, and important schedule. Think about how miserable you were, with a waistband that pinched at your skin, legs that were too high and caused chafing. Let’s not forget about perspiration.

That was not a good day. Instead of breathing easy and killing that proposal, you were too stressed and worked up over how self-conscious and uncomfortable you were.

Those were obviously the wrong panties. So just what makes Trusst panties so comfortable?

What Women Want From a Panty

Trusst Lingerie Panties: Comfort All Day Long

When you spend so much time attached to a garment, it pretty much better hold on to its end of the bargain. Most women basically live in their panties 24/7, so above all else, comfort is key. Women also tend to have a list of must-do’s when it comes to panty expectations.

So just what makes panties comfortable, especially when compared to the uncomfortable ones?

  • Lightweight, soft materials
  • Fabrics hug your curves
  • They don’t contain extra fabric which winds up bunching up under you pants
  • A soft waistband that isn’t binding
  • They can be worn under anything
  • Near-seamless edges
  • They’re pleasing to look at
  • They’re durable

What Does Being Pretty Have To Do With Comfort?

Why do women rank being pleasing to look at as a factor that contributes to comfort? Because it’s all about our psyche. We want it all! Of course, we want to be able to walk around all day forgetting that we actually even have panties on. Comfort so complete, we don’t have to think about it. But we also have a need to feel pretty. Everything neat, in place, and ready for an audience, whether that be a planned date with your special someone or an accidental Marilyn Monroe moment. It’s like we have a little secret in our pocket we carry around all day when we’re wearing pretty panties. It gives a little lift to our chin, a spring in our step, and a big confidence boost . . . . even if those around us don’t know where it’s coming from!

Why Durability Is Important to Comfort

If you’re washing your undies as often as you should, they’re going to start to fray and lose their elasticity if they’re not well-put-together, or made very durably. Once the elasticity goes, they lose their comfort, as things sag and bunch in places and pull in funny directions in others. Even if you are in the habit of hand-washing your lingerie, there’s only so much tugging delicate laces or thin cotton can take before they start to disintegrate. Panties with good quality fabric and well-made seams are priceless!

Trusst’s Superb Fabrics

Trusst Lingerie Panties: Comfort All Day Long

All Trusst panties are made with a lightweight fabric that will stretch with your body, giving them a low profile that is utterly comfortable all day long. This fabric is breathable and helps to keep you cool. All of our models are created with lightweight Garmatex fabric, making them ultra-sleek and durable.

The panty lining is both anti-microbial and moisture-wicking, which is extra helpful on those especially stressful days.

Trusst Panties Are Styled With You In Mind

Designed to complement our revolutionary bras, Trusst offers five different styles of panties to choose from to make everyone happy, comfortable, and confident:

Suzanne: the lacy brief

This panty pairs an extra-comfortable hip-hugger silhouette with a floral lace waistband. They’re a perfect match for your Suzanne bra.

Dahlia: the mesh side

Trusst Lingerie Panties: Comfort All Day Long

This Dahlia provides a comfortable fit in a two-toned combination: colored body fabric, with black mesh on the sides and edge lacing to match the Dahlia bra.

Dahlia: the mesh butt

This Dahlia provides a fuller coverage fit, while still incorporating the two-toned combination: a colored front and black mesh back. Lace edging matches the Dahlia bra.

Dahlia: the cheeky

The cheeky offers just enough coverage. They’re stylish, cute, and fun with a bit of lace edging to match the popular Dahlia bra.

Naomi: the classic brief

These high-cut panties offer a classic and flattering fit. Laser cut edges make for a seamless finish, making them perfect for everyday wear. A great compliment to your Naomi bra.

November 12, 2018 by Trusst Brands

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