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September Favorites: What We're Loving at Trusst Lingerie

Every month at Trusst, we research and come up with innovative designs in order to keep creating the best D+ lingerie for you. In the process, we make discoveries about new brands, customer feedback, and other products that inspire us. We love sharing those inspirations with you all, and today, we’re excited to show you some of our favorite things for the month of September!

Favorite Beauty Brand

September Favorites: What We're Loving at Trusst Lingerie

We’re excited to finally be sharing one of our favorite beauty brands with you this month. Launched in 2015, Onomie was founded to bridge the gap between skincare and cosmetics, selling skincare and beauty products that allow users to save time by delivering multiple benefits. Onomie takes traditional cosmetic products, like powder, blush, and foundation, and combines them with active ingredients that allow them to also operate as skincare products. Onomie is committed to using high-quality ingredients and sells directly to consumers to ensure that users are being charged a fair price for their items. The company is also committed to donating 1% of annual profits to the non-profit She’s the First, a company that supports first-generation female high school graduates in low-income areas.

One of our favorite things about Onomie is the way that they name their products: Their shades are named “after female geniuses from history to honor the unsung women heroes of the past and inspire female leaders of the future.” Hues named after pioneers like Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace, and Florence Nightingale will leave you feeling inspired as you get ready for a busy day ahead!

Favorite Size-Inclusive Brand

For some of us, September signals it’s time to return to the office and to work. Our favorite size-inclusive brand for the month of September is Universal Standard, a company that creates stylish, sophisticated, and unique office attire for women between the sizes of 6 (2XS) and 32 (2XL). Like Trusst, Universal Standard is a female-owned and -operated company that was created to meet the needs of women across the country. It was founded by two friends after they had an eye-opening conversation that revealed just how lacking selections could be for plus-size females.

Our favorite thing about Universal Standard is its customer policy. Like at Trusst, Universal Standard strives to create products that incorporate their clients’ feedback and desires. They also promise to replace items purchased from their core collection for free if you find your size fluctuating within the course of a year. We love their dedication -- and we also know you’ll love the clothes that they offer!

Favorite Bra

September Favorites: What We're Loving at Trusst Lingerie

September is busy for all of us. Throughout the month, it’s important that our bras support us as we juggle projects and plan for the upcoming fall season! All Trusst bras are engineered using our revolutionary BAST™ system to provide you with unparalleled support and comfort all day. Our pick for the month of September is the Suzanne, whose stylish day-to-night flexibility and beautiful silhouette make it a perfect September bra.

Like all Trusst bras, the Suzanne is lined with our anti-microbial, moisture-wicking jersey fabric. The fabric is soft to keep you comfortable all day, and it’ll ensure you stay dry during the final few hot days that September brings. The Suzanne bra is offered in a gorgeous black color and has a hint of gray fabric and dark lace overlay that makes it feel extra special.

What we love about the Suzanne bra is that it’s so comfortable you’ll want to wear it all day, yet so sophisticated that you’ll also be excited to wear it into the evening. And during September, when it can be hard to find time to grab a lunch break -- let alone change clothing -- having the perfect day-to-night bra that will flatter you both in and outside of the office can be a lifesaver. The Suzanne is our most popular bra here at Trusst, and it’s not hard to understand why! Browse our online store today to find the Suzanne in your size.

Favorite Habit

As you may have noticed, we’ve been very focused on self-care recently here at Trusst. We know how important it is that you take care of yourself, especially when things get busy. This month, we’ve been intentional about sharing the tips and tricks that help us to stay happy, healthy, and mindful.

One of our favorite habits for this month is regularly practicing gratitude. During September, it can be easy to allow life to slip past us as we power through the busy month. We’ve been loving taking the time to write down at least 5 things we’re grateful for each day. This practice has proven really useful in keeping the Trusst team self-reflective and focused on the positive things we’re achieving every day!

Favorite Customer Pics

Like in August, we’re rounding out our September favorites by featuring some of you! Our customers are the reason that we love coming in to work every day, and we love seeing what you all are up to. No matter how overwhelming work can be, we always find fresh inspiration by looking to our customers and listening to what you’re saying about our products. Today, we’re showing you some of our favorite customer images from the month of September, shared with us via the hashtag #TrusstYourself:

September Favorites: What We're Loving at Trusst Lingerie

We’re excited to continue bringing you amazingly supportive and comfortable D+ lingerie that you love -- and to continue inspiring you as we share the things we’re loving here at Trusst. Keep reading this blog to discover more of the Trusst team’s favorite finds each month, and don’t forget to share your pictures with us using #TrusstYourself!

September 28, 2018 by Trusst Brands

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