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#SelfCareSaturday: Our Favorite Ways to Practice Self-Love at Trusst Lingerie

Trusst’s mission is to empower women to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. We believe you deserve a bra that actually supports you. We know that lifting you up starts with maximizing your everyday comfort, so we carefully design our innovative bra technology to eliminate common problems associated with underwire and traditional bras. Our goal is to support every woman, and we look to you, our customers, for constant inspiration. Just read more about our new Naomi bra to see just how much you drive our product development!

We’re continuously motivated by our Trusst community -- we read all of your reviews and listen to all of your feedback, and we’re incredibly proud that our customer base is made up of a diverse group of hard-working women. As a women-owned and -operated company, we understand just how long the work week can be, and we’re always seeking ways to provide our customers with even more relief and satisfaction. The weekend is the perfect time to recharge for the busy week ahead, spend time with friends, and to thank your mind and body for all of the amazing things you’re doing. We’ve put together this list of our five favorite ways to practice self-love on the weekend:

1. Head into nature.

#SelfCareSaturday: Our Favorite Ways to Practice Self-Love at Trusst Lingerie

One of the greatest things you can do for your body is to spend time outside in nature. Bring along a family member, friend, or puppy (or venture out on your own), and spend an hour walking and soaking in the sunshine. Not only will the Vitamin D and the exercise-induced endorphins elevate your mood (and your heart rate), but immersing yourself in nature will also provide your mind with the boost it needs to prepare for the week ahead.

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science found that, when compared to those who spent 90 minutes walking in an urban landscape, participants who spent 90 minutes walking in nature experienced decreased activity in the part of the brain associated with negative emotions. Interestingly, there were no marked physiological differences between the two groups -- the only noticeable difference concerned neurological activity!

Wear your favorite Trusst bra for a powerful lift and for support as you walk through the woods. We recommend the Naomi for its easy versatility and silky-smooth finish. The antimicrobial, sweat-wicking jersey lining will also keep you cool and free of boob sweat as your heart rate climbs!

2. Unplug.

In addition to spending time outdoors, set aside a specific amount of time to unplug from electronics. Numerous publications have been written about the harmful effects of smartphones on the brain, with a 2017 study concluding that “these devices may have a negative and lasting impact on users’ ability to think, remember, pay attention, and regulate emotion.” Unplugging from technology will not only help to elevate your mood, but also minimize the noise and distractions that are constantly bombarding you during the busy week. Even if it’s just for an hour, allow yourself time away from your screen this weekend to help you tune in to your body and the present moment.

You can further practice mindfulness by spending this time engaging in activities like meditation or yoga. These practices are proven to reduce stress and boost cognitive functioning by diminishing the amount of the stress-hormone cortisol in your body and strengthening the functioning of your body’s nervous systems. If you’d rather try out these practices from home, look into applications like Insight Timer, Headspace, or Take a Break for meditation, or head to Youtube to find excellent free resources for yoga classes.

3. Clean out the clutter.

#SelfCareSaturday: Our Favorite Ways to Practice Self-Love at Trusst Lingerie

Dedicate part of the day to cleaning up one room in your house. If you’re feeling motivated, you can even clean more than this, but part of this weekend’s self-care involves setting realistic, attainable goals and achieving them! Go through stacks of papers that need to be filed and discarded, and throw away any mess that’s been accumulating. Put away items that have been sitting out and wipe down surfaces. It may seem tedious, but cleaning up will help you to feel accomplished and productive; additionally, it’s also an excellent way to reset your physical space as you get ready for a new week. Our Dahlia bra is the perfect cleaning companion -- its easy fit and game-changing support system will keep you feeling supported as you declutter!

4. Practice gratitude and set goals.

Find time to sit down and write out your thoughts. Set a list of five goals for the week ahead, and write down a list of at least five things you’re grateful for. Setting goals will give you clarity and purpose for the week ahead, and practicing gratitude will provide you with a wider perspective of the many things you have to be thankful for. Multiple studies in positive psychology, including one conducted at the University of Miami, have found practicing gratitude to be closely linked to an individual’s well-being. You can do this before bed or right after waking up -- the key is to focus and be deliberate when doing it. The Trusst team ends every week by each sharing something we achieved that week, both personally and professionally. It helps us to reflect on the positives from that week and to connect with one another.

At Trusst, we’re immensely grateful for the beautiful community of women whom we support and are supported by, and that gratitude is what inspires us to keep creating and innovating!

5. Invite company over, and treat yourselves to a nice meal.

#SelfCareSaturday: Our Favorite Ways to Practice Self-Love at Trusst Lingerie

Finish off the weekend by indulging in a nourishing, delicious meal. You can enjoy a dinner out at your favorite restaurant with a significant other, friend, or family member -- if need be, hire a babysitter for a few hours to take a break. Alternatively, take time to cook your favorite meal and invite company over to enjoy it with. The food we put in our bodies and the people we spend our time with are just as important for self-care as the time we spend alone recharging, so make a deliberate choice to connect with your loved ones for a few hours this weekend. Consider wearing the Suzanne or Jessica for a beautiful, lacy finish that will provide you with unparalleled comfort and style as you finish your day alongside friends and family.

At Trusst, we’re committed to creating bras that support D+ women all day long. We want our bras to give you the comfort and relief that your body and mind deserve after a long work week, and we’ve spent years perfecting our revolutionary bra technology to ensure that that happens. The best part about our lingerie is that it’s so comfortable you can wear your bra all weekend and experience unbeatable support and relief: Customer Becky B from Annandale, Virginia states her Marjory is “so comfy I fell asleep in it,” and that “I’m telling everyone I know about the fact that I don’t have to take my bra off when I walk in the door.”

We want you to find the perfect D+ bra at Trusst so that you’re supported on a Saturday -- and all week. Share your photographs with us using the hashtag #TrusstYourself to show us how you’re practicing self-care, and head to our website to find your own revolutionary bra!

August 25, 2018 by Trusst Brands

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