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How to Style your Trusst Lingerie Suzanne Bra for the Summer

At Trusst, we design our bras to be comfortable and supportive no matter the weather. We believe our customers shouldn’t have to compromise on style or comfort in the summer in order to maximize support, so we meticulously construct our bras to be dependable in all seasons.

Here at our headquarters in Pittsburgh, we’re getting ready to say goodbye to summer. Although fall is fast approaching, the sun is still sweltering outside, and we’re determined to make the most of our final few weeks of intense heat. The Suzanne is our most popular bra to date, and we understand why -- its ultra-comfy fit; antimicrobial, moisture-wicking jersey lining; and versatile yet detailed design make it a beautiful bra for every season. Today, we’ve put together this styling post to show you three of our favorite ways to style this go-to bra as you soak up the last rays of summer this August.

The Foundation

The Suzanne bra is one of our most-loved everyday pieces at Trusst. This lacy demi bra is constructed from our signature antimicrobial, sweat-wicking jersey lining, so it’s specially designed to keep you cool, clean, and comfortable throughout the summer! Additionally, thanks to the BAST™ system, the Suzanne is both highly elevating and supportive. It’s the perfect staple: It’s gorgeous yet uncomplicated, and its jersey lining is also silky-soft to keep you satisfied all day long. The bra is finished with a hint of beautiful lace to give it an extra-special touch.

How to Style your Trusst Lingerie Suzanne Bra for the Summer

Because the Suzanne is both simple and sophisticated, it’s tailored to support you for every occasion. You can wear the Suzanne whether you’re headed out on a hike or ready for a night on the town. It promises to elevate and cushion you whether you’re at work or enjoying the heat, and it can be worn comfortably under a variety of shirts and dresses!

We recommend pairing the Suzanne with our matching Suzanne Lacy Briefs. These panties are made in a flattering hip-hugger silhouette and finished with a floral lace waistband to gorgeously match the Suzanne bra. They’re made from a lightweight Garmatex fabric and are lined with our signature anti-microbial, sweat-wicking jersey lining to keep you comfortable and dry in the heat.


Look #1: Casual Day Out

We designed the Suzanne to be beautifully simple so it would complement every outfit perfectly. For a casual August day spent with friends, we like to keep it classic by styling the Suzanne underneath a favorite T-shirt. All Trusst bras are made with plush, foam-cushioned cups that are engineered to be light and inconspicuous, so you won’t have to worry about bra lines showing through your shirt! Pair the Suzanne with your comfiest black T-shirt for a breezy summer look, or pick a colored top to add a little flair to your outfit.

We like to wear this T-shirt with a pair of shorts to keep things cool and casual. Grab some denim shorts and a nice belt, and put on your favorite necklace for a personal touch. If you’re looking for a breezier fabric, then swap out the denim for a pair of loose shorts. The looser fit and light fabric will keep you as cool and comfortable as the Suzanne bra will; wearing loose shorts is also a great way to change up a more basic look.

The best part about this T-shirt-and-shorts ensemble is that it looks great with all kinds of shoes -- pick out a pair of comfy heels to add an element of formality, or pull on your favorite pair of summer sneakers to keep things both comfortable and stylish!

Look #2: Office Attire

How to Style your Trusst Lingerie Suzanne Bra for the Summer

The Suzanne bra is beautifully detailed, velvety-soft, and highly supportive, so it’s also the perfect bra if you’re looking for all-day relief at the office. When wearing the Suzanne, we recommend playing with juxtaposing textures in your outfit to match the combination of lacy and smooth fabrics in the bra design. Consider wearing a pleated midi-length skirt in a dark color and contrasting this with a textured button-down -- a lightweight denim button-down will look great and keep you feeling airy and comfortable throughout the day.

Alternatively, you can also wear a linen shirt with three-quarter length sleeves to add an unexpected, summery touch to your classic office look. Dress your outfit up with a pair of office-friendly heels and your favorite accessories, and you’re ready for work!

Look #3: Dinner Date

How to Style your Trusst Lingerie Suzanne Bra for the Summer

Trusst bras are tailored to support you no matter what, and the Suzanne is no exception. If you’re heading out for dinner after work, the Suzanne will continue to provide you with unparalleled comfort; additionally, its lace detailing makes it perfect for both everyday wear and for special occasions.

For a smooth transition from day to night, keep the midi skirt on from your office look and simply switch out your button-down top for a lacy or silky blouse. Pull on a pair of heeled, strappy sandals and you’re ready to treat yourself to a nice dinner!

Thanks to its easy comfort and unique balance of simplicity and detail, the Suzanne is one of our most-loved bras. It’s crafted to be reliable in all circumstances, whether you’re at the office, heading out for the night, or on a well-deserved vacation this August. Even our customers are raving about it: Misty B. from Sneads Ferry, N.C. says “The moment I put on [the Suzanne], I fell in love with [it]...I’ve been telling everyone I know about [it]” and Karen P. from Pittsburgh, PA states that wearing the Suzanne, “it literally feels like my boobs aren’t even there. The bra is so nice I don’t immediately take it off as soon as I get home!”

Our revolutionary technology is what makes the Suzanne such a comfortable and supportive bra for D+ women. Are you ready to pick up your own and see what all of the excitement is about? Find the Suzanne in your size today online or in our Pittsburgh headquarters. And don’t forget to post your pictures to social media with #TrusstYourself so we can be inspired by how you style your Trusst Suzanne bra for the summer!

August 23, 2018 by Trusst Brands

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