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How to Style Your Trusst Lingerie Naomi Bra for the Summer

At Trusst, we’re continuously finding innovative ways to make comfortable and supportive bras for D+ women that you can wear in every season. Last week, we announced the release of the Naomi, the newest high-tech bra in the Trusst collection. Since then, we’ve been blown away by your support and excitement.

We designed the Naomi to be the perfect essential bra for everyday wear, and we added several unique features to make it even more breathable. It’s comfortable in every season, and with summer drawing to a close, there are few bras that we would recommend more than the Naomi to bring you all-day comfort and support as we finish the summer and gear up for fall. Today, we’re thrilled to bring you the first in a series of styling posts and show you how we’re making the most of the Naomi bra this month!

The Foundation

The Naomi bra design is entirely customer-driven, and we’ve carefully accounted for all of your feedback in order to provide you with the comfort and support that you deserve. Like all other Trusst bras, the Naomi is made from our staple antimicrobial, moisture-wicking jersey lining and is specially crafted to keep you dry throughout the summer. What makes the Naomi so special is its newest features: We’ve added a lightweight side-mesh overlay to the Naomi to provide you with additional side support.

The Naomi wouldn’t be complete without the Trusst signature BAST™ system, engineered to lift over 80% of your breast weight and move this weight away from your shoulders to redistribute it evenly across your torso. The bra is also designed to provide fuller back coverage for a smooth, flattering fit. Lastly, it’s offered in three beautiful nude tones, as well as a sleek black design -- we tirelessly researched and tested color swatches until we landed on the perfect three main shades. These shades are complemented by gorgeous rose-gold hardware that adds an extra sense of style and touch of charm to every Naomi bra.

How to Style Your Trusst Lingerie Naomi Bra for the Summer

The Naomi is designed to be extra versatile, with a special J-hook feature that converts the bra into a racerback and four points of adjustment on the straps. These features make the Naomi a perfect bra for the summer: You can wear it under a variety of shirts without ever worrying about show-through or peeking straps.

Pair this bra with our matching Naomi classic briefs. These panties are high-cut for a classic, flattering fit to match the comfort and beauty of the Naomi bra. These panties also have laser-cut edges, providing them with a seamless finish that makes them ideal for everyday wear. Lastly, like the Naomi bra, these panties are made from our signature antimicrobial, wicking lining, so they’re specially engineered to keep you cool and comfortable!

Look #1: Tank top and skirt

Thanks to its J-hook feature, the Naomi promises to be the perfect companion to tank tops for D+ women everywhere. First convert the bra into a racerback, then pull on your favorite white tank top for a classic and comfortable summer look. Wear the Naomi in a nude shade under this tank top for a smooth appearance -- we selected color tones that blend in seamlessly with your skin tone, so you won’t have to worry about any bright colors showing through the white fabric of your tank top.

Complete your outfit with a looser-fitting skirt. The juxtaposition of a tighter fabric on top with a looser-fitting skirt on the bottom will both flatter your form and add interest to any outfit. Choose a midi-length skirt in a bright color or pattern for a look that is both office-friendly and for a day out with friends. Or, pair your tank top with a maxi skirt for a breezy outfit that’s perfect for both the beach and a summer night out.

Look #2: Loose summer dress

We designed the Naomi bra to be the best essential bra for everyday wear. It’s versatile and comfortable, and it is beautifully unnoticeable -- yet highly supportive. The Naomi provides an optimal fix for the common problems associated with traditional underwire bras: Our revolutionary BAST™ system means you won’t ever have to worry about poking underwires again, and, because the Naomi has bra straps with four points of adjustment, you also won’t have to deal with slipping straps (or, conversely, straps that dig into your shoulders).

Those features mean the Naomi can be worn comfortably underneath your favorite casual summer dress. Wear this bra under a T-shirt dress for a comfy yet stylish look, and elevate the outfit by adding a statement necklace and a pair of your favorite sandals. Alternatively, wear the Naomi with a fit and flare dress, a pair of sneakers, and your favorite pair of earrings or bracelets. Because the Naomi bra straps are carefully designed to stay in place and can also be converted into a racerback option, the Naomi bra will flatter you perfectly without ever once drawing attention away from your dress.

Look #3: Form-fitting dress

How to Style Your Trusst Lingerie Naomi Bra for the Summer

The last way we love to wear our Naomi in the summer is underneath a beautiful, form-fitting dress that’s perfect for a night out or for a date. We added a side-mesh overlay to the Naomi bra that provides extra side support, and a fuller back to give you fuller back coverage all day long. These additional features mean the Naomi bra is both smooth and flattering underneath your favorite close-fitting dress.

Opt for a tighter-fitting, midi-length dress in a solid color, and style this with a pair of brightly colored or patterned heels for an added pop. Add your favorite simple necklace and earrings to accessorize and complete your look, and you’re ready to enjoy a balmy summer night out on the town!


At Trusst, we design our bras to support our customers every day, whether it be hot or cold outside. We’ve spent years perfecting our bra design and selecting materials that will be comfortable and supportive, and our signature moisture-wicking, antimicrobial jersey lining is specially crafted to keep you free of bacteria -- and boob sweat! -- in the summer.

How to Style Your Trusst Lingerie Naomi Bra for the Summer

The Naomi bra is the latest addition to the Trusst collection, and we’re pretty excited about it. It’s versatile and simple, has gorgeous detailing, and, like all other Trusst bras, is engineered with our patented BAST™ system, so it’ll elevate you in every season. It was designed with you, our customer, in mind, and we think it’s our most comfortable and supportive bra for D+ women yet.

If you’re ready to purchase the Naomi bra and take your summer style to the next level of comfort, then head over to our online store or visit our Pittsburgh headquarters to find your new favorite today!

August 24, 2018 by Trusst Brands

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