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How to Style Your Trusst Lingerie Jessica Bra for the Summer

Why settle for average when it comes to your D+ bra? That’s the question we’re constantly asking ourselves at Trusst, and that’s the question we asked ourselves when designing the amazing Jessica bra. We wanted to create a bra that was stylish, supportive, and comfortable and that would make you feel special no matter the weather or circumstance.

We designed the Jessica because we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise on style in order to find comfort and support. This bra is the perfect companion to a date night, a memorable day spent with friends, or even for a day at the office; it’s crafted to help support you in the ways that you deserve while also looking as stylish and elegant as you are.

For the past week, we’ve been showing you our favorite ways to style your Trusst bra for the month of August. Today, we’re bringing you the final post in this summer styling series and showing you how we style the Jessica bra in the summertime.

The Foundation

How to Style Your Trusst Lingerie Jessica Bra for the Summer

If you’ve been searching for a bra that combines the elegant, longline look of a bralette with the unbeatable support of our BAST™ system, then the Jessica promises to be the perfect solution. Constructed of a dreamy black lace overlay and lined with our signature antimicrobial, moisture-wicking jersey fabric, the Jessica is what we like to call the stylish -- yet comfortable -- bra you’ve been looking. Its plunging neckline and form-flattering fit will make this your new go-to bra for the days (and nights!) when you’re looking for that extra something special.

Trusst’s revolutionary bra technology means that, even with a bralette-style piece like the Jessica, you’ll experience unparalleled support and comfort all day long. We’ve eliminated the poking underwires and bulky metal structures that you may have found in traditional bras and replaced these with a flexible, three-dimensional polymer structure. This structure is embedded within a foam cup that’s designed to be ultra-light and unnoticeable, so your bra lines won’t show through your shirt. Additionally, the BAST™ system is engineered to lift over 80% of breast weight and redistribute it onto your core, relieving you of shoulder and back strain so you can experience comfort all day.

The Jessica contains wide, foam-cushioned straps that are designed to stay in place while reducing shoulder strain. These straps won’t dig into your shoulders or slip down, but will provide you with unparalleled all-day support. Additionally, the Jessica comes with a 5-row, 3-column hook-and-eye back closure for additional support. This bra gives you sophistication and elegance that you can rely on, making it a great bra year-round.

Pair the Jessica with our Suzanne panties. These briefs are made in a super comfy, hip-hugger silhouette and constructed from a black Garmatex fabric. The Suzanne panties also have a floral lace waistband to match the black lace on your Jessica bra, and, like the bra, are lined with our signature antimicrobial, moisture-wicking lining.

Look #1: Everyday Elegance

The Jessica is designed to support you and provide you with all-day comfort. It’s the perfect bra to wear for a casual day out, and its plunging neckline means it can be easily worn with shirts with lower necklines. For a breezy everyday outfit, pull on a V-neck shirt or button-down in a bright color. Contrast this with an earth-toned midi skirt -- an ivory or light sand color works great with the darker T-shirt, and the lighter color will help to keep you cool throughout the day.

Finish your outfit with a pair of comfy flat sandals in a neutral color. You can also add minimal accessories if you’d like, but keep this outfit light and airy to enjoy the final few weeks of summer hassle-free. If it’s starting to cool off where you live, bring along a summer knit sweater to pull on should it get chilly!

Look #2: Office Chic

How to Style Your Trusst Lingerie Jessica Bra for the Summer

The Jessica looks sophisticated and elegant and is designed to flatter you in all the right places -- as well as to support you in all the right ways.

For the office, we like to style the Jessica bra with a V-neck t-shirt in a lighter color and a pair of slim-fitting jeans or pants, depending on your office’s dress code. Polish the look by throwing on a blazer and a pair of dark heels. A textured or checkered blazer will add interest without being too distracting, and the darker heels will help to keep the outfit work-appropriate.

Look #3: Date Night

Although the Jessica is engineered to provide you comfort and support throughout the day, our favorite time to wear this bra is for a date night with a significant other or a special dinner out with friends. As stated earlier, the Jessica is our go-to stylish comfortable bra at Trusst, so it’s tailored to be the perfect bra for a dinner date.

Wear the Jessica under your favorite wrap dress. A brightly colored or patterned wrap dress is a fun way to make the most of your summer dinner date and soak in the sunset. The plunging neckline of the Jessica bra will also perfectly complement the cut of your wrap dress, making it a great bra for the evening. Pull on a pair of brown or black open-toed heels to complete your outfit, and you’re ready to enjoy a much-deserved glass of wine out on the patio of your favorite restaurant!


Although we’re preparing to say goodbye to summer here at Trusst, we’re still enjoying the final few weeks of sunshine while it’s here. Our bras are designed to be highly comfortable and supportive for D+ women everywhere, and they’re tailored to keep you dry and satisfied -- even in the heat. We’re so excited to continue to bring you products that you can rely on, and although we’re closing out this summer styling series today, we can’t wait to show you how we style our Trusst bras for the fall!

How to Style Your Trusst Lingerie Jessica Bra for the Summer

If you’re ready to find the Trusst Jessica bra in your size, then visit our website today or head over to our Pittsburgh headquarters to see what all the fuss is about! And share your pictures with us using #TrusstYourself -- we want to be inspired by how you’re styling Trusst’s supportive D+ bras this August!

September 06, 2018 by Trusst Brands

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